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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electric High Pressure Washer Compared To Gasoline Pressure Washers


What is the first thing to consider when buying an air Electric High Pressure Washer?

Pros: You'll get a higher pressure washer

If you compare an air pressure washer to an electric model, the main advantage of an air pressure washer is that it can provide higher pressure. This means you can clean a larger area in less time and get a more thorough clean. So it's an easy option for anyone who needs a pressure washer.

Pros: You may not need a cleaner

If you choose the hot water option, then you can clean most substances from most surfaces without the use of chemicals. For example, cleaning your deck, siding or driveway without chemicals. Removes gum, sap and mold. While an electric washer is unlikely to have enough power to handle all of these issues, most air-powered pressure washers do.

Cons: They are heavy and noisy

When you compare gas pressure washers to electric pressure washers, the gas version speaks a lot louder. This can be a poor choice for someone who lives in a residential area and plans to use their unit on a regular basis. They're also significantly heavier than electric units, which can make them a poor choice if you need to move it around regularly.

Cons: they require maintenance

As with any machine with a gas engine, if you own a gas pressure washer, maintenance is required. They do need adjustments, oil changes, etc. If they sit idle for a long time, the pump may overheat and the safety valve will have to activate. If you use your washing machine in a cold part of the country, you will need to freeze it since you cannot use or store these devices indoors.

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