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How About The Performance Of 1 Inch Pneumatic Tools


The 1-inch pneumatic tool series not only has the superpower and reliable quality that the pneumatic wrench has always been proud of, but also provides more powerful portability and flexibility on this basis. Relying on the lithium battery platform as the power source, the 1-inch pneumatic tool can be erected quickly without worrying about tripping the air pipe, bringing users an efficient and safe working experience.

Ingersoll Rand's new 1-inch lithium battery impact wrench has many advantages such as strong power, flexible gear control, and super durability.


A true 1" wrench is comparable to air tools. Easily removes corroded/painted bolts. The positive tightening torque can reach 2980Nm, which is the best among similar products.

Flexible controls:

3-speed positive torque/speed adjustment provides flexible control for work without worrying about the hazards caused by over-tightening.


Every part, mechanism, and function of the 1-inch lithium battery wrench has been strictly tested to ensure that the performance of the tool can adapt to harsh environments. The protection level is upgraded to IP56 to ensure that the tools are not corroded by rain, wind, and sand.

Wireless lithium battery:

Excellent new air tool products can be adapted to a variety of markets and industry applications. The 1-inch lithium battery wrench has two configurations: standard length output shaft and imperial extension shaft. Once launched, it has been acquired from trucks and buses, construction equipment, railroad maintenance, and oil and gas equipment. Positive feedback from customers in various fields such as maintenance.

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