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How To Use A Electric High Pressure Washer And Protect Yourself?


In the process of using an Electric High-Pressure Washer, it is very dangerous. Pay attention to protecting your own safety. The following is how to use a high-pressure washer:

1. During the use of the pressure washer, it is necessary to always wear appropriate protective tools such as gloves, goggles, and masks.

2. During the cleaning process, do not keep hands and feet in contact with the nozzle of the high-pressure washer.

3. Before using the high-pressure washer, always check whether all the electrical connectors are normal.

4. Regularly check whether there are cracks and leaks in the hoses of the high-pressure cleaner. If any faults are found, replace them in time; check all liquids regularly.

5. Try to work with the lowest pressure, provided that the pressure is enough to complete the cleaning work.

6. When the spray gun of the high-pressure washer is not used, the trigger will be set in a fully locked state.

7. Always release the pressure in the washer before disconnecting the hose.

8. After using the pressure washer, remember to drain the water from the hose.

9. Never point the spray gun at yourself or others.

10. Before starting the equipment, be sure to check carefully and make sure that all hose connections are locked in place. Also, test turning on the water supply and having the proper water flow through the gun stem. Make sure all of the above procedures are in order before connecting the desired cleaning nozzle to the gun stem.


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