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Introduction To The Types Of High Pressure Pump


According to the medium, the high-pressure pump can be divided into a high-pressure plunger pump, a high-pressure reciprocating pump, a high-pressure electric pressure test pump, and a high-pressure cleaner. They all have the basic characteristics of high-pressure pumps, but different types of high-pressure pumps still have their own characteristics, different applicable conditions, and different effects. Consumers need to have a certain understanding of the product when purchasing it.

High-pressure plunger pump: the operating pressure should generally be between 10mpa and 100mpa. It belongs to a positive displacement pump, and uses the periodic change of the volume in the working chamber to achieve the purpose of conveying liquid; the mechanical energy of the prime mover is directly converted into the pressure energy of conveying liquid through the pump; the capacity of the pump only depends on the change in the volume of the working chamber and its The number of changes per unit time is theoretically independent of the discharge pressure.

High-pressure reciprocating pump: mainly used in petroleum, chemical, and fertilizer industries as process pumps, oil fields, and salt mines as injection pumps, steel pipes and pressure vessels as pressure test pumps, booster pumps, high-pressure cleaning and descaling in construction, shipbuilding, chemical and other industries, Boiler feed water, transmission source of hydraulic machinery, and food, pharmaceutical, instrumentation and other departments that require high-pressure fluids and process pulse requirements.

High-pressure electric pressure test pump: It belongs to the reciprocating plunger pump. The motor drives the plunger, drives the slider to move, and then injects water into the object to be tested so that the pressure gradually rises. The machine consists of a pump body, switch, pressure gauge, water tank, motor, and so on.

High-pressure cleaner: It is a machine that uses a power device to make a high-pressure plunger pump generate high-pressure water to wash the surface of an object. It can peel off and wash away the dirt to achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface of the object. Because a high-pressure water column is used to clean the dirt, high-pressure cleaning is also recognized as one of the most scientific, economical, and environmentally friendly cleaning methods in the world.

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