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Precautions For The Use Of Electric Pressure Washer


Precautions for the use of Electric Pressure Washer

When using the Electric High-Pressure Washer

Place the warning sign, open the high-pressure pipe and power cord, connect the high-pressure water pipe and the high-pressure gun, press the handle of the high-pressure gun to empty the air, turn on the machine switch after the air in the machine is emptied, hold the gun with both hands, and the nozzle is 10 cm away from the ground. Cleaning and descaling operations;

Pay attention to electricity before use

1. The voltage must be stable, the ground wire must be well connected, and the three-phase motor must not be out of phase (three fires and one ground). According to the size of the motor, the corresponding regular national standard wire. 32A and above.

2. For 22V 3KW, the national standard wire of more than 4 square meters should be used, and the plug and socket should be more than 16A, otherwise the high temperature and pressure will soon be insufficient.

Box Precautions

3. For the new machine, please replace the original pump body sealing oil plug cover, and use the breathable cover in the accessories bag, otherwise the high temperature will not fall off and the oil seal will be burned;

4. After the first use of 50 hours, all the oil should be replaced, the oil mirror should be observed every day in the later period, and the oil should be added when the oil is insufficient. Change the oil every 300 hours or a year, which is generally determined according to the stability of the weather and temperature. The South uses SAE 15W-40 most of the time;


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