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The Air Impact Wrench is Very Popular in The Pneumatic Industry


Air Impact Wrench is very common in the field of air tools. Today, we will talk about some knowledge about air impact wrench.


The air motor mechanism is driven to rotate by high-pressure gas (generally 6.2Kgf), and then is output to the striking mechanism through the rotor, and the striking mechanism drives the striking shaft to form reciprocating back and forth and rotating motion.

Application field:

Municipal metallurgy construction assembly/manufacturing railway shipbuilding automotive chemical industry.

Electric impact wrench cannot be used in high heat environment.

The impact wrench is used to tighten/disassemble the fixture on the metal mold.

Impact with high torque accuracy is used in engine and tire maintenance.


The air Impact Wrench is a hand-held assembly tool with large quantity and wide range. In recent years, this tool has been widely popularized and applied. Compared with other structural forms, it has stable and reliable performance and long service life.

Air impact wrench is not only used in modern mass production assembly lines of automobiles, tractors and engines, but also widely used in industrial departments such as disassembly and assembly of locomotive and rolling stock maintenance, erection of railway bridges, assembly of building structures, petrochemical systems and other repairs, which is particularly effective in improving assembly or disassembly efficiency and reducing labor intensity.

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