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What Are The Benefits Of Washing A Car With A Pressure Washer?


Some call it a car Pressure Washer or Electric High Pressure Washer jet, and it's designed to provide a concentrated flow of water. There are several types of nozzles - each designed for higher or lower pressure flow.

When you configure your pressure washer for optimal use in a car wash, it speeds up the time it takes to pre-wash, improves the ability to rinse the soap thoroughly, and when attached to a foam gun, allows for a generous amount of extra-thick lather to improve the lubrication effect.

Car cleaning with a pressure washer can also improve your ability to remove brake dust, mud, and even lumps from armyworm guts and bird droppings.

What are the risks of high pressure cleaning a car?

Pressure washers aren't the all-in-one solution to car washing. In fact, if you use the wrong settings, the wrong adapter, or the wrong foam cannon soap, it can cause some problems, including:

Chipped Paint: Did you know that most pressure washers are used to remove spray paint or graffiti from brick, concrete, and metal fences? This is a lot of pressure. Imagine what this would do to your (relatively) soft paint?

Scraping: Pressure washers can also give car owners a false sense of security because they forget to completely remove any soap residue when rinsing. If this happens and you dry the vehicle with your regular soap, scratches and damage may result.

The Correct Settings Must Be Used: As we'll explain further below, using the correct settings and nozzles is critical when you're using your pressure washer on your rides. Also, you need to make sure you're using the right support tools, such as a spray wand or nozzle, foam cannon, and shampoo (in the right proportions).


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