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What is The Principle of Air Impact Wrench?


Among the many power tools, Air impact wrench is a tool that provides high torque output with minimal consumption. It is widely used in many fields, such as municipal construction, metallurgy, building assembly/manufacturing, railway shipbuilding, automobiles, and chemicals. Wait. So, what is the principle of air impact wrench? Next, let's get to know it together.

To put it simply, the principle of the air impact wrench is to drive the air motor mechanism to rotate through high pressure gas (usually 6.2Kgf), and then output to the striking mechanism through the rotor. The striking mechanism drives the striking shaft to form a reciprocating back and forth and rotating motion.

To explain in detail, one or two powerful pneumatic motors can drive a torque multiplier with three or more revolving gears. The torque can be controlled by adjusting the gas pressure to allow specific torque requirements to be set. Each tool is equipped with dedicated air pressure to torque comparison chart and correction report. And for further application, the pneumatic torque wrench can be equipped with a torque sensor at the same time, and the output torque is more accurate. After obtaining the required torque, a suitable loop system can be used to manually or automatically shut off the air supply.

After understanding the principle of air impact wrench, we will add some other related knowledge. Among them, in the classification of pneumatic wrenches, in addition to air impact wrenches, there is also a pneumatic torque wrench. The difference between the two is that the pneumatic torque wrench can adjust the torque, while the air impact wrench cannot. Moreover, the accuracy of general pneumatic torque wrenches can reach within 5%, and the adjustable torque range is large. Now the maximum torque can reach 12000 Nm; while pneumatic wrenches mainly impact wrenches, which have torque but usually small torque, and the torque is not accurate. Yes, the noise is louder. Compared with the two, the price of pneumatic torque wrenches is higher, and they are generally imported, while the price of pneumatic wrenches is lower.

In addition, the most common power source for air impact wrenches is compressed air. In addition, there are also electric or hydraulic ones. In recent years, the use of batteries is also very popular. At the same time, the air impact wrench can be used in every standard ratchet socket driver size, from small 1/4 driver tools to small assembly and disassembly, to 3.5. However, air impact wrenches are generally not suitable for the fastening of ceramic or plastic mounting parts.

In the use of an air impact wrench, the maintenance of an air impact wrench is also very important. First of all, there needs to be a correct gas supply system, which is a prerequisite to ensure that the tool can be used longer and better. Secondly, do not easily remove the parts in the tool to avoid damage to the tool and possible safety accidents. In addition, you must be diligent in checking. If you find that the tool is faulty, repair it as soon as possible before using it and be diligent in adding lubricating oil for maintenance.

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