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Which Electric High Pressure Washer Is Better? How To Choose?


Which Electric High-Pressure Washer is better? How to choose?

1: According to the machine environment

The environment of the machine is mainly divided into three categories: home, industrial venues, and commercial places. Domestic industrial venues have the most coverage of high-pressure cleaning machines, followed by commercial places, and finally families.

Industrial places mainly use cleaning machines to clean upscaling, clear the cleaning pipes, refurbish machines, etc. It is very targeted and the parameters of the machine are also high. When selecting the machine, it can be selected according to the operating conditions of the machine.

2: According to the driver type

Gasoline, diesel, electric. These three are three drivers for high-pressure cleaning machines. The first two are convenient for carrying and moving. The environmental environment is not limited. The electric ones are more suitable for indoor use. The power socket must be connected.

3: Press the pressure

The pressure of the high-pressure cleaning machine directly determines the effect. Therefore, when selecting the cleaning machine, you must choose a machine with moderate pressure, otherwise, it is too low to achieve the cleaning effect; too high, it is easy to damage the cleaned object.

4: Press the water inlet temperature

The fields of cold water and hot water with high-pressure cleaning machines are different. When choosing, you can choose cold water or hot water cleaning machines according to needs. Hot water cleaning machines are generally used in more places for oil dirt, and cold water can be universal.


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