ZM-550A Pneumatic Hammer Torque Wrench Wrench Set

• Roking dog structure.
• One of the most popular impact wrenches in the market.
• Suitable for screw and unscrew work of big truck and lorry.Also can be used in the maintenance of bus and general equipments of large machines.

Product Specifications

Model ZM-550A
Free Speed 4200r.p.m
Bolt Capacity 42mm
Max.Torque 2180N.m
Air Inlet 1/2"
Air Pressure 8-12kg/cm²
Anvil Length 2"
Applied Torsion 900-1850N.m
Air Consumption 0.70m³/min
Net Weight 12.5kgs
Qtylctn 1pcs
Carton Measurement 730*253*88mm

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